Bonus Films

Black History Month Livestream

In addition to the four short films that will be showcased and discussed as part of the Black History Month livestream, the bonus short films below provide an additional avenue to have a conversation around the themes of racism, oppression, equity, and justice with your class in even greater depth. It’s your choice if, when, and how you’d like to incorporate them into your courses.

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Camille Turner

(7 Min)

Performance artist Camille Turner uses her works to explore and expose Canada’s racist history and shines a light on the continuing forms of oppression.


(8 Min)

An animated tribute to real-life African Canadian hero Joe Fortes, who overcame discrimination and prejudice to become a beloved member of the Vancouver community.

Mahalia Melts in the Rain

(11 Min)

A young Black girl feels alienated at her ballet school’s photo shoot when her hair stops her from joining the other girls to play in the rain.

Nancy’s Workshop

(20 Min)

Hairdresser Nancy Falaise conducts a workshop for young Black girls showing them how to care for their hair and encouraging them to feel proud of themselves and their racial identity.

Noeuds (Knots)

(9 Min)

Three Black women in Montreal share their individual journeys of having to fight against societal pressure when they decide to embrace their natural hair.

Viola Desmond Is On The Money

(21 Min)

Lesley McCurdy discusses her one woman show about unheralded but historically important Black Canadian women, including Viola Desmond, an icon of Canada’s civil rights movement, and the face on the country’s new ten dollar bill.