Bonus Films

Indigenous Realities Livestream

In addition to the films that will be showcased as part of the Indigenous Realities Livestream for Grades 6-8, the bonus films below provide an additional avenue to have a conversation around the themes of racism, oppression, equity, and justice with your class in even greater depth. These films represent the work of Indigenous filmmakers from across the country. It’s your choice if, when, and how you’d like to incorporate them into your courses.

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(5 Min)

A young boy is transported through his television set to the scene of a traditional Indigenous hoop dance, encountering his family's cultural heritage in a new way. Includes spoken word rap in English and in Cree.

The Blanketing

(8 Min)

In the mid-1800s, the Tsilhqot'in First Nation of British Columbia was nearly wiped out by a devastating smallpox outbreak. The Blanketing depicts a fictional confrontation before the epidemic.

Christmas at Moose Factory

(13 Min)

Legendary documentarian Alanis Obomsawin’s debut film is a first-hand look at the experience of children in a residential school during Christmastime.

Four Faces of the Moon

(13 Min)

This intricate stop-motion animation interlaces Canada’s colonial past with writer-director Amanda Strong’s personal family history — and illuminates Cree, Métis, and Anishinaabe reclamation of culture, language, and Nationhood.


(2 Min)

In this amusing and powerful short, the etymology of the world "Indian" is deconstructed at the Canadian National Spelling Bee.

Jordan Gordon’s Guide to Kuujjuaq

(4 Min)

Jordan Gordon is thrilled to show you around his hometown, taking you through the highlights with a wonderful mix of humour and charm.

Sisters and Brothers

(3 Min)

In a pounding critique of Canada’s colonial history, this short film draws parallels between the annihilation of the bison in the 1890s and the devastation inflicted on the Indigenous population by the residential school system. Part of the Souvenir series, it’s one of four films by First Nations filmmakers that remix archival footage to address Indigenous identity and representation, reframing Canadian history through a contemporary lens.

The Visit

(3 Min)

The charming "true" story of an encounter between extraterrestrials and a Cree family.


(5 Min)

A powerful call to action to all Indigenous people to shout for joy and celebrate their identity.