Histoires d’hiver (Winter Stories)

Director François Bouvier
Year 1999
Run Time 105min
Winter Stories is a nostalgic story set in Montreal in 1966, where 12-year-old Martin (Joel Drapeau-Dalpe) eats, sleeps and dreams hockey. Martin's favorite team is of course the Montreal Canadiens, an enthusiasm shared by his Uncle Maurice (Denis Bouchard), who loves to spin tales of the team's glorious past. When he's not thinking about hockey, Martin finds himself having his first romantic thoughts thanks to schoolmate Vera (Maude Gionet) and having his horizons expanded when his bohemian English teacher introduces the class to 'protest music'.


François Bouvier

Film and TV director Bouvier was nominated for the Best Director Genie in 1990 for his film Les matins infidèles. Since then, he has directed numerous television shows and films, including Histoires d’hiver and Maman Last Call, starring Patrick Huard. He recently directed the TV series Ruptures and the film La Bolduc. Currently he is completing work on the film La Cordonnière.


Joël Dalpé-Drapeau, Denis Bouchard, Joël Dalpé-Drapeau, Patrick Thomas


Claude Gagnon, Yuri Yoshimura-Gagnon



Original Languages

English, French