In Her Place

Director Albert Shin
Year 2014
Run Time 115min
Genre Drama
In this compelling drama from writer-director Albert Shin, a wealthy woman from Seoul seeks to secretly adopt the unborn child of a troubled teenager from a desolate farm in the South Korean countryside. As the teenager’s pregnancy progresses, their business transaction becomes something that is far more complicated than they first expected.

Set against the misty South Korean countryside, the film treats its three subjects with equal affection, and Shin delivers an honest, powerful drama that packs an enormous emotional punch.


Albert Shin


Pearl Ball-Harding, Albert Shin


Ji-hye Ahn, Hae-yeon Kil, Kyung-Ik Kim, Da-Kyung Yoon


Igor Drljaca, Albert Shin, Hyun Chan Yoon




Asian Filmmaker, BIPOC Stories, Global Experiences

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Canadian Distributor

A71 Entertainment inc.