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Maps to the Stars

Director David Cronenberg
Year 2014
Run Time 111min
Genre Drama
The Weiss family seem to be living the Hollywood dream. They have money, fame, the envy of their peers, and more than their fair share of skeletons in their closet. Stafford Weiss (Cusack) is a TV self-help therapist with an A-list clientele. Meanwhile, Cristina (Williams) has her work cut out managing the career of their disaffected child-star son, Benjie (Bird), freshly out of rehab at age 13.

Unbeknownst to them, another member of their brood has just arrived in town – the mysteriously scarred Agatha (Wasikowska), recently released from a psych ward. Agatha befriends a limo driver (Pattinson) and becomes the assistant to one of Stafford’s clients, (Moore) who is haunted by the abuse she suffered at the hands of her legendary mother (Gadon).

A wickedly funny trip into the depravity of Hollywood and a compelling meditation on the ways family can haunt us both literally and figuratively,  Maps to the Stars won 10 awards including two CSAs and two awards at the Cannes Film Festival, and was nominated for 20 others internationally.


David Cronenberg


Bruce Wagner


Julianne Moore, Mia Wasikowska, Robert Pattinson, John Cusack, Evan Bird


Saïd Ben Saïd, Martin Katz, Michel Merkt




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