Nobody Waved Good-bye

Director Don Owen
Year 1964
Run Time 80min
Genre Drama
Shot in just three weeks in Toronto, Don Owen’s film — which was originally intended to be a short documentary — quickly evolved into a fictional coming-of-age story that has enraptured audiences for decades with its honesty and emotional integrity.

Peter (Kastner) is an 18-year-old growing up in 1960s suburban Toronto who is totally fed up with his parents’ middle-class lifestyle. He’s on the verge of finishing high school but the thought of a conventional life climbing the corporate ladder is unbearable.

Peter yearns to strike out on his own with his girlfriend Julie, but a life of petty crime and poor decisions looms. Told in stark black and white, this tale of teenage rebellion is timeless and relatable.

One of the National Film Board’s first narrative features, Nobody Waved Good-bye is a cinematic treasure and a true Canadian classic.


Don Owen


Don Owen


Peter Kastner, Julie Biggs, Claude Rae, Charmion King


Tom Daly, Roman Kroitor, Don Owen




Classics, Family Relationships

Original Language


Canadian Distributor

National Film Board (NFB)