The Battle of Vimy Ridge

Director John Bradshaw
Year 1997
Run Time 135min
Genre Documentary
In the cold dawn of Easter Monday on April 9, 1917, 100,000 soldiers get ready for Canada's largest World War I attack. For three years, Vimy's German fortifications have repeatedly thrown back French and British assaults. More than 160,000 Allied and 10,000 German troops have been killed or wounded on this field of slaughter. It is now the Canadians' turn to brave a maelstrom of razor-edged barbed wire, knee-deep mud, and withering machine-gun fire. Four days and 10,000 casualties later, the Canadians stun the world by seizing the ridge in one of the war's most successful and brilliantly planned offensives. Dramatically mixing archival footage with intensely realistic reenactments, The Battle of Vimy Ridge powerfully recounts how the Canadians fought their way to victory. Divided into four parts to facilitate classroom use: Setting the Stage, Keys to Victory, The Battle Looms, and The Battle Joined and Won


John Bradshaw


Richard Nielsen, James Wallen


Paul Gross


Don Haig, Richard Nielsen, Deanne Judson





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