REEL CANADA’s livestream production team has a special opportunity for your students to see themselves directly on-screen during the upcoming RCtv livestream – and have their questions and comments addressed by the film’s star, Antoine Bertrand.

Submitting videos is totally optional, but it’s a great way to go a step further, and get students even more engaged in the programme. 

All videos must be submitted at least a week in advance, by Wednesday, December 6th. 

Students can record more general questions even before they’ve watched the film, but if you’d like to receive early access to your film streaming link, just write to [email protected] 

Students can record their video questions/comments independently, in pairs or groups, or even as a whole class. Feel free to get creative!

There are two kinds of videos we need:

Comments: Share your thoughts on the film Louis Cyr: l’homme le plus fort du monde.  

Address any of these questions – or anything else relevant!

  • What was your favourite aspect of the film and why? 
  • How did the film make you feel? 
  • What did the film teach you? 
  • Why do you think Louis Cyr was significant? 
  • What are some thoughts that came up as you watched?

Submit your questions for Antoine Bertrand to answer live.

©️ Jocelyn Michel

You can let your curiosity run free, or feel free to use these topics as a starting point.

  • Shooting Louis Cyr
  • Being an actor
  • How he relates to the character of Louis Cyr 
  • The importance of telling Francophone and Quebecois stories
How to record:
  • Videos can be filmed on any device – a phone or laptop camera is fine, and don’t worry too much about quality. We can use any video if the speaker is well-lit – the most important thing is that we can hear them properly.
  • Shoot in horizontal/landscape orientation, NOT vertical/portrait.
  • Please keep each comment or question under 1 minute long.
  • Note: we may edit videos for timing and clarity.

You can also send via WeTransfer, Google Drive link, etc. to [email protected]

Student Privacy

Videos will be credited with only the city and province of the student, in order to maintain privacy.

Please note this livestream will have a wide distribution among hundreds of schools across Canada. By submitting a video, the teacher confirms that all participating students have signed media release consent forms, and that images and video of the event may be used by REEL CANADA for the RCtv broadcast and/or publicity purposes. If you need, please feel free to use REEL CANADA’s media release form.