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Cette maison (This House)

Director Miryam Charles
Year 2023
Run Time 75min
Genre Documentary, Drama, Experimental

Drawing from the events surrounding her fourteen-year-old cousin’s murder in 2008, director Miryam Charles wants to finally unpack her grief and the trauma associated with it. Through dream-like reenactments of her own childhood and an imagined life for her cousin, Charles delves into the changing emotional, political, and historical climates surrounding her family as Haitian-Canadians in Quebec.

This beautifully crafted film is a bold and thought-provoking look at family, and a moving tribute to a life tragically cut short.

“A daring blend of documentary and fantasy that invests a deeply personal drama with a wide historical scope.” – Richard Brody, The New Yorker


Miryam Charles


Miryam Charles


Schelby Jean-Baptiste


Felix Dufour-Laperriere


Documentary, Drama, Experimental


BIPOC Stories, Black Filmmaker, Family Relationships, Female Filmmaker, Newcomer Stories

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