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Director Deepa Mehta
Year 1998
Run Time 102min
Genre Drama

The emotionally charged tale of India and Pakistan’s road to independence, told through the eyes of a diverse group of friends in Lahore.


Deepa Mehta

Mehta gained acclaim for her trilogy, Fire, Earth and the Oscar-nominated Water. Her adaptation of Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children was nominated for eight CSAs. She has also directed Bollywood/Hollywood, Beeba Boys, Anatomy of Violence, and many others. Her most recent film Funny Boy has also won multiple awards, including the CSA for best direction. Most recently, she directed an episode of the series Yellowjackets. She has numerous projects in development as a writer, director and producer. 


Deepa Mehta, Bapsi Sidhwa


Maia Sethna, Aamir Khan, Nandita Das


Anne Masson, Deepa Mehta




Asian Filmmaker, BIPOC Stories, Family Relationships, Female Filmmaker, Global Experiences, History, Literary Adaptation, Social Justice & Politics

Original Languages

English, Other Language

Canadian Distributor

Hamilton-Mehta Productions