Eternal Spring

Director Jason Loftus
Year 2022
Run Time 86min
Genre Documentary

In 2002, members of the Chinese religious group Falun Gong hijacked the feed of a state TV network to protest the government’s ongoing persecution of religious minorities. Using incredible animation by comic book artist Daxiong, this gripping documentary reveals the untold story of how they pulled off this daring act of rebellion, and their subsequent fight for freedom.

Telling a story that is both incredibly personal and grand in scope, Eternal Spring won the Audience Choice Award at the Hot Docs festival, and was selected as the Canadian submission for the Academy Awards in 2022.

“Distinctively incisive on an emotional level, the film applauds the bravery of its participants to relive a painful shared trauma and create a permanent testament of what they endured.” 

– Carlos Aguilar, The Los Angeles Times


Jason Loftus

Jason Loftus is a documentary filmmaker who has produced such films as Avenues of Escape and Human Harvest, an investigation of the human organ trade. He has also directed his own feature documentaries, most notably Eternal Spring in 2022, which garnered many awards and was Canada’s submission for the Academy Award for Best International Feature Film at the 95th Academy Awards. 


Jason Loftus




Masha Loaftus, Jason Loftus, Yvan Pinard, Kevin Koo




BIPOC Stories, Discrimination, Global Experiences, History, Newcomer Stories, Social Justice & Politics

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