Fight Like Soldiers, Die Like Children

Director Patrick Reed
Year 2012
Run Time 83min
Genre Documentary

In 1994, then-General Roméo Dallaire was on the ground in Rwanda as a genocide unfolded. He returned to Canada haunted by these memories, and has found a new mission: to end the recruitment of child soldiers around the world.  

In this important and affecting documentary based on his book They Fight Like Soldiers, They Die Like Children, Dallaire travels across Africa and North America speaking with child soldiers, self-defence groups, militia leaders and those trying to help these children. As he searches for solutions to this horrific practice, animated sequences are interspersed to add the first-person voice of Michel Chikwanine, a former child soldier, who recounts a chilling story that makes it clear why this work is so crucial.  

“The cause couldn’t be more urgent… The face of the cause couldn’t be more eloquent.” – Rick Groen, The Globe and Mail


Patrick Reed


Roméo Dallaire


Peter Raymont




Global Experiences, Social Justice & Politics

Original Languages

English, French, Other Language

Canadian Distributor

White Pine Pictures