Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure

Director Dominique Monfery
Year 2006
Run Time 80min
Genre Animation, Family
Franklin, a young and inquisitive turtle, finds his visit to his grandmother’s house disrupted by his new cousin Sam who he instantly butts heads with. Their rivalry is put on hold, however, when Granny Turtle becomes ill and the family bands together to care for her. When she tells the kids a story about a time capsule at Turtle Lake that she buried when she was a child, Franklin and Sam devise a plan. The two cousins set out with some friends to find the buried treasure, hoping that when she sees it again, Granny Turtle will fully recover.

Based on the popular kids TV series, Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure is a fun and exciting adventure story for young audiences.


Dominique Monfery


John Van Bruggen


Louise Cheka, Kevin Sommier, Ariane Aggiage, Isabelle Volpe


Jérémie Fajner, Cynthia Taylor


Animation, Family


Family Relationships, Literary Adaptation

Original Languages

English, French

Canadian Distributor