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My Animal

Director Jacqueline Castel
Year 2023
Run Time 104min
Genre Drama, Horror, Romance

Living with a curse that turns her into a wolf if she’s out of the house after midnight, Heather (Menuez) is kept on a tight leash by her overbearing parents. But everything changes when she falls for the new girl in town, Jonny (Stenberg). The two form an instant connection, but as their relationship develops, it causes Heather to rebel, increasing the risk that her secret could be exposed – with disastrous consequences.

A stylish and tense horror-romance, this exciting first feature from director Jacqueline Castel features amazing performances from its two emerging leads, brought together with a cast of Canadian icons.

My Animal marks an impressive, confident feature debut for several key talents.” – Leslie Felperin, The Hollywood Reporter


Jacqueline Castel


Jae Matthews


Amandla Stenberg, Bobbi Salvör Menuez


Andrew Bronfman, Michael Solomon


Drama, Horror, Romance


Cult & Offbeat Cinema, Female Filmmaker, LGBTQ2S+

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