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The Boxing Girls of Kabul

Director Ariel Nasr
Year 2011
Run Time 52min
Genre Documentary

The members of the Afghan women’s boxing team are determined to compete on the world stage, and all share a dream of representing their country in the Olympics. Constantly having to deal with political pressure, lack of funding, and improper training facilities, these young women still manage to break through the barriers before them in their fight to keep their boxing careers alive.

This powerful documentary follows the boxers’ lives both in and out of the ring, with interviews with their coaches and family members that not only show what they’ve had to overcome, but also the long journey that still lies ahead of them.

Winner of the Canadian Screen Award for Best Short Documentary.


Ariel Nasr


Ariel Nasr


Annette Clarke




Asian Filmmaker, BIPOC Stories, Global Experiences, Social Justice & Politics, Sports

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Canadian Distributor

National Film Board (NFB)