Who’s Yer Father?

Director Jeremy Larter
Year 2023
Run Time 110min
Genre Comedy, Drama
Named for a question that’s an essential conversation opener in a place where everyone’s got some kind of connection, Jeremy Larter’s comedy feels like a thoroughly authentic expression of Prince Edward Island’s very particular sensibility. It’s also wildly funny for its loopy spin on detective-movie tropes. The gumshoe in this case is Larry (Chris Locke), a private investigator of obviously limited means and abilities who nonetheless ends up smack dab in a juicy case involving compromising photos, blackmail and black-market lobster. All of this makes for a very good time thanks to Larter’s brand of lunacy and the comedic chops of players like Locke and Susan Kent as Rhonda, a convenience store clerk who becomes Larry’s eager sidekick as he bumbles his way through this Maritimer mystery. There’s a local connection too: formerly from Prince Edward Island, Larter is now a resident of Prince Edward County.


Jeremy Larter


Jeremy Larter


Susan Kent, Chris Locke


Jenna MacMillan, Jeremy Larter, Jason Arsenault


Comedy, Drama

Original Language


Canadian Distributor