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Assistant Production Accountant

Also known as: Junior Production Accountant, 1st Assistant Accountant, Cashier, Key Assistant Accountant

What does an Assistant Production Accountant do?

Assistant Production Accountants (APA) help Production Accountants keep accurate records of how the money on a film or TV production is spent.

They primarily deal with expense claims, comparing what people have claimed with the receipts they have submitted. A major responsibility of the APA is to log timesheets given by crew members for the Payroll Accountant to process. They also track money that’s been given to the crew (floats), and make sure this money is available to the relevant crew members (and returned at the end of a shoot).

They also perform petty cash reconciliations, where the cash on the site is counted and cross-referenced with outgoing spending. They photocopy, input data, and back up data. They might help ensure the production isn’t over-spending by providing comparisons between the budget and the actual spending.

What’s an Assistant Production Accountant good at?
  • Math and Computer Skills

    Enjoys crunching numbers , preparing spreadsheets and logging/computing data

  • Taking instruction

    Listen to the Production Accountant and do what’s asked

  • Discretion

    Able to keep confidential information to yourself

  • Communication

    Be social and work well with the accounts department, be able to chat to people in each department and learn what is going on in the production

  • Working long hours

    Work the same hours as the crew who will be working longer than 9 to 5 to make the most of the shooting day

Who does an Assistant Production Accountant work with?

APAs work with Production Accountants and Payroll Accountants, as well as Production Managers and heads of departments.

How do I become an Assistant Production Accountant?

There isn’t a single route to become an Assistant Production Accountant, you have to be interested and skilled in budget mathematics. You should try to sharpen your skills in this area and look for similar jobs in accounting and project management.

Here are some more tips:

Educational requirements: You might find going into a university program that has a focus in accounting, business or business studies and math useful. It will also look good on a resume when applying for different jobs.

Get an internship: Internships are jobs with training. They’re a great opportunity to earn while you learn. Try reaching out to different organizations and production companies and inquiring about possible internships.

More tips

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