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Cast Coordinator

Also known as: Cast Personal Assistant

What does a Cast Coordinator do?

A Cast Coordinator is the primary liaison between the key talent and the production crew on a film or tv set. Their role is a little more in-depth than a Production Assistant as they are responsible for taking care of all the needs of the talent including but not limited to: scheduling, running errands, liaising between costumes, hair and makeup departments, booking appointments, preparing riders (talent preference lists), and even taking care of pets or children.

When production needs the talent they first go through the Cast Coordinator who is responsible for overseeing the schedule of the talent. Cast Coordinators must be aware of where the talent needs to be at all times – whether they need to be at a fitting, prosthetics or on set. In most cases, the Cast Coordinator is responsible for all the lead and sub-lead talent on a production. This can mean coordinating schedules and needs for dozens of talents all at one time! Therefore, a Cast Coordinator must be very organized, good at problem solving as well as personable.

What's a Cast Coordinator good at?
  • Organization

    Must keep tasks and schedules of several talent organized at all times

  • Problem solving

    Must think quickly and make decisions in the best interest of the talent and the production

  • People-skills

    Must interact with many different personalities between talent and crew

Who does a Cast Coordinator work with?

A Cast Coordinator works closely with the lead actors on a film or TV set. They often interact with the talent’s management and Publicists. Cast Coordinators also work closely with the Production Assistants, and the 1st and 2nd Assistant Directors. In many cases a Cast Coordinator will also liaise between the various departments such as Catering, Transportation, Costume, and Hair & Makeup.

How do I become a Cast Coordinator?

A great way to become a Cast Coordinator is to start with an entry-level position such as Production Assistant. Another route would be to start in a talent management firm or casting agency as an Assistant.

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