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What does an Electrician do?

Electricians look after all the electrical equipment needed on a film or TV production, with a particular focus on the lighting. They help plan it. They rig it (set it up). They operate it, maintain it, and de-rig. Electricians work directly under the Gaffer and the Best Boy Electrician.

During the planning stage of a programme, Electricians assess the equipment. They set it all up and make sure all electrical equipment is working safely throughout the production. This might involve testing, cleaning and repairing equipment, and writing dimmers and circuit boards.

Electricians that are in charge of the generators that may be needed for location lighting. These Electricians are also called Genny Operators. They also monitor electricity usage during shooting to see if additional power or resources are needed.

What's an Electrician good at?
  • Electrical knowledge

    Have official electrical qualifications and a thorough knowledge and understanding of circuits, power supplies, motors, cables, fuses, thermal relays, fault current protection switches, heating, air conditioning and more.

  • Lighting skills

    A good eye for colour, able to use all lighting equipment and aware of what can and can’t be achieved at different locations.

  • Communication

    Take direction well and work effectively within a team.

  • Health and safety

    Know health and safety issues including legal requirements, have strong attention to detail.

  • Manual dexterity

    Be able to do a physically demanding, hands-on job, sometimes at heights, and work long hours.

Who does an Electrician work with?

Electricians often work under a Gaffer and communicate closely with any other Electricians on the team, as well as Camera Operators and Directors. On large productions with lots of lights and LED video projection, there will be a team of Electricians working under a Gaffer.

How do I become an Electrician?

To be an Electrician on a film or TV production, you need electrical qualifications. You also need to be able to demonstrate creativity and an interest in and understanding of the industry.

Look outside the industry: Electricians are needed across many different industries in industrial, commercial and domestic environments. You can gain experience of working as an Electrician in another industry that you can later transfer to a role in the Canadian film & TV industry.

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