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Fight Choreographer

What does a Fight Choreographer do?

Fight Choreographers design and direct combat sequences for film and TV. Much like dance choreographers, they instruct actors on how to move in various ways, in order to make fight scenes appear realistic and/or historically accurate, while also ensuring the safety of the cast and crew. While knowledge of various fighting styles is necessary for this career, Fight Choreographers must also understand theatrical staging and the principles of choreography. Before choreographing fights, individuals must first be trained in how to fight in particular styles, such as hand-to-hand combat, fencing, and martial arts.

What's a Fight Choreographer good at?
  • Physical Fitness

    They are physically fit and are knowledgeable in physical fitness, are aware of the intricate movements of the human body, and have some skills in martial arts or gymnastic

  • Flexibility

    Thrive in changing situations, enjoy spontaneity

  • Choreography

    Able to plan out large fight and stunt sequences

  • Physical Attributes

    Good Eyesight, quick reflexes, and flexibility, good sense of timing

  • Organizing

    Need to have the skill to organize the stunt crew, paperwork, and plans for each scene

Who does a Fight Choreographer work with?

Fight Choreographers will work with the director and the actors to gain an idea of what a fight scene should entail. They will also work with stunt performers when the actors are unable to perform the fight sequences or part of the fight sequences. They will teach the Stunt Performers and actors the moves of the fight. They will also work with the Stunt Coordinator to go over the specific stunts performed in the fight.

How do I become a Fight Choreographer?

Fight Choreographers should be physically active and be trained in some form of martial arts, gymnastics, or combat discipline. Many Fight Choreographers start out as Stunt Performers before they can take on the role of Fight Choreographers. Fight Choreographers may also find it useful to choreograph a dance or large-scale theater productions, to gain knowledge of planning and working with a large number of people.

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