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Locations Scout

What does a Locations Scout do?

The Location Scout is a member of the production crew responsible for finding locations to be used for filming.

Sometimes, films and TV shows are shot on a set . However, films often use real locations to shoot in. They might be tasked with finding the perfect suburban home with a blue door, and then ensuring the residents of that home are willing to have a film crew shooting on their lawn. There are many databases of available locations for them to search online, but one fun part of the job also involves scouting locations by traveling to them to check them out in person.

A Location Scout is someone whose job is specifically to visit potential locations in order to ensure they have everything the Producer and Director needs – this is a great entry level position within the locations / production department.

What's a Locations Scout good at?
  • Sourcing locations

    Have an eye for architecture, knowledge of landscapes, ability to research and visualize how a location could be turned into a set

  • Interest in photography

    Take good photographs of locations to present to the rest of the production team

  • Law

    Know how to comply with public liability, trespass, public highway and health and safety legislation

  • Negotiation

    Get the best price for the location and facilities

  • Organization

    Plan, budget, attend to detail and spot potential problems in advance

  • Communication

    Work sensitively with location owners, members of the public and production colleagues

  • Cartographer Skills

    Have a good sense of direction and ability to read and mark maps

Who does a Locations Scout work with?

Location Manager
Location Managers manage the shooting location. They make sure everyone in the cast and crew knows how to get there. They negotiate parking, noise reduction, power sources, catering requirements and any official permissions that may be needed with the site’s management or owner. They are responsible for ensuring it’s safe.

How do I become a Locations Scout?

Some key skills to becoming a good Location Scout include reading and communication skills, logistical and administrative skills, taking photos, driving a car, and interacting with people in a professional manner. While there is no direct educational route to becoming a Location Scout, some have a background in geography, and real estate. Gaining experience on-set as a Production Assistant, and working towards the locations department is an excellent way to get into the field.

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