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RCtv Black History Month Livestream

Welcome! This Instruction Hub is your one-stop shop for all the links, resources, and instructions your class will need to participate in the livestream.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] or at 1‑888‑508‑0881 ext. 221

We hope you enjoy the programme!

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to how the livestream works for classes watching the recording:

1. Read through this Instruction Hub: Everything you need is on this page. You can get an overview now, and then come back any time you need. Ce Plateforme de ressources est également disponible en français ici.

2. Prepare your class: Use the lesson plan and support resources below to get ready for your screening.

3. Show the films: Screen the first three short films for your students. You’ve already ordered your films at registration, so they should arrive in your inbox on the requested date. The total runtime is 34 minutes, and they should be screened as close as possible before you screen the livestream itself, so they’re fresh in students’ minds.

Note: The last film, Pick, will be screened during the livestream itself.

3. Watch the livestream and engage: While watching the livestream recording, make sure your students use the interactive platform to engage in activities alongside the main event. They can answer polling and quiz questions, and contribute to an extensive, nationwide student discussion board.

4. Share your feedback: After watching, make sure each student completes our student feedback form. Their responses allow us to continue offering our programmes free of charge!

The following resources are designed to help you prepare your class for a supported and safe learning environment during the film and livestream viewings. These materials have been developed in collaboration with a diverse set of educators, including those who identify as Black, and those who are Indigenous and/or persons of colour.

For Teachers: Best Practices & Resources for Ensuring a Culturally Safe & Respectful Screening of Films with Sensitive Content

For Students: Classroom Agreements for Anti-Racism Conversations & Mental Health Support Resources

Image of Classroom Sensitivity Support Resources

This brand new lesson plan is designed to accompany your screening of the short film programme and this livestream. Like our support resources, this has been developed in consultation with diverse educators, including those who identify as Black. You can use any or all of the activities to enrich your students’ learning experience before, during, and after the livestream.

The plan includes:

  • Resources for discussing race and racism in the classroom
  • Pre- and post-viewing activities
  • Guiding discussion questions
  • Suggested extensions & summative tasks
  • Student handouts
  • Comprehension and discussion questions for the films

A French version of the lesson plan is available here, and will be delivered directly to those teachers who requested it.

We’ll have lots of opportunities for engagement in the livestream itself through our interactive platform, but your students can also get involved with hands-on activities leading up to the big event. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Get your students to design their own event poster
  • Build a creative activity around the films, like a visual art or music prompt
  • Share any student work based on our lesson plan activities with the email below
  • Students can help set up the big screen and sound equipment for your group to watch. You can even use the school auditorium or theatre.
  • Get students to hand out popcorn or other snacks for your film viewing

If your students do get involved, we’d love to hear about it – or even see photos! Write to us at [email protected] 

A personal link to stream the short films will be sent to your email on or just before the date you requested in our form.

That personal link will provide access to three films. Please plan for your class to watch these as close as possible to when you screen the livestream, so they’re still fresh in students’ minds. The last film, Pick, will be shown during the livestream itself, where we’ll discuss it with the film’s director.

For those of you teaching remotely, you may share this link directly with your students, but please make sure to communicate that it is a private link.

If you ordered a DVD of the short film programme, you will receive that in advance of the date you requested.

Should you need to provide additional information about the short films, including any mature content, to parents, teachers, or your administration, please feel free to share this synopsis and content advisory document with them.

*Please note: if you’ve requested to preview the films, we will send them to your inbox on the date specified in your registration form.

We’ve built an interactive platform to use while watching the livestream, so students can engage with our guest, as well as with their peers nationwide. How they do that is up to you:

OPTION 1: Students engage using their own devices at their seats.

OPTION 2: As a class or in small groups, choose a spokesperson — student(s) or you — to use the platform for the whole group. Everyone in the group can contribute their thoughts aloud as they watch the show while the spokesperson enters questions and comments contributed by the group members. You could even get a head start by coming up with some questions in advance.

TIP: Whichever method you choose, test out the online platform beforehand to make sure it’s not blocked by your school board, and so you’re prepared to guide students through the experience as needed.

Activities available on the platform include:

  • POLLS – Answer both opinion questions and factual quiz questions around racism, equality and the film.
  • QUIZZES – Answer educational questions centred around the theme of Black experiences in Canada
  • DISCUSS – Share their reflections on our discussion prompts.

Don’t worry, we’ll be moderating everything to ensure nothing inappropriate slips through.

There are three different links to participate, depending on how you’d like to set things up on the day.

A. Watch the Livestream:

B. Use the Interactive Platform:

C. Livestream & Interactive Platform side-by-side on one screen:

Here are some examples of how to set up:

  • Display the livestream (Link A) at the front of the class while students use the platform (Link B) at their seats, either as individuals or as groups.
  • If you have one spokesperson in charge of the platform (see section above), display Link C at the front of the class, so all students can see both the platform activities and the livestream at the same time.
  • Students at home can take their pick, depending on whether they have access to one device or two.

We need student feedback! In order to keep offering this programming completely free-of-charge, our funders want to know how it went, especially for our young audiences. The feedback information is captured anonymously and shared with our funders.

  • Print them out
  • Have each student complete a form
  • Send them back by scanning and emailing them to [email protected] or sending via regular mail to:

720 Bathurst Street, suite 504
Toronto, ON
M5S 2R4


  • Check your inbox for your personalized feedback form
  • This one is online, so just complete the form and you’re done


Alicia is an award-winning filmmaker from Scarborough, Ontario, whose work is dedicated to celebrating Black people, especially Black youth. Her short film Pick, screening as part of this programme, earned a prize for Best Live Action Short at the 2020 Canadian Screen Awards. Her 2021 short Only Light Will Touch Us won the Impact Award at the CineFam Film Festival.

gARVIA BAILEY, moderator


Garvia Bailey is a co-founder of the podcast production company Media Girlfriends Inc. Her career in media spans close to two decades as a producer, host and columnist for the CBC and JazzFM. She is host of the Canadian Black History podcast Strong and Free, produced by Historica Canada and Media Girlfriends Inc. Garvia’s work is centered on inclusion, care and excellence in journalism.

Want to extend the discussion even further? This list of curated bonus films provides additional opportunities for conversation around the themes of racism, oppression, equity, and justice. These works cover a range of subjects, all from Indigenous perspectives. It’s your choice if, when, and how you’d like to incorporate them into the programme.

Note: For a personalized form prefilled with your information, please click on the “Order Films” button in any of our monthly newsletters, or write to [email protected]

Camille Turner

(7 Min)

Performance artist Camille Turner uses her works to explore and expose Canada’s racist history and shines a light on the continuing forms of oppression.


(8 Min)

An animated tribute to real-life African Canadian hero Joe Fortes, who overcame discrimination and prejudice to become a beloved member of the Vancouver community.

Mahalia Melts in the Rain

(11 Min)

A young Black girl feels alienated at her ballet school’s photo shoot when her hair stops her from joining the other girls to play in the rain.

Nancy’s Workshop

(20 Min)

Hairdresser Nancy Falaise conducts a workshop for young Black girls showing them how to care for their hair and encouraging them to feel proud of themselves and their racial identity.

Noeuds (Knots)

(9 Min)

Three Black women in Montreal share their individual journeys of having to fight against societal pressure when they decide to embrace their natural hair.

Viola Desmond Is On The Money

(21 Min)

Lesley McCurdy discusses her one woman show about unheralded but historically important Black Canadian women, including Viola Desmond, an icon of Canada’s civil rights movement, and the face on the country’s new ten dollar bill.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write to [email protected]
Or give us a call toll-free at 1-888-508-0881 ext. 221