Hadwin’s Judgement

Director Sasha Snow
Year 2015
Run Time 87min
Genre Documentary
A compelling hybrid of drama and documentary, this feature film covers the events that led up to the infamous destruction of an extraordinary 300-year-old tree in Haida Gwaii, BC, held sacred by the Haida nation.  

Inspired by John Vaillant’s award-winning book The Golden Spruce, the film introduces us to the complex character of Grant Hadwin, a logging engineer and expert woodsman who lived and worked in British Columbia’s remote and ancient forests.  

In 1997, Hadwin was driven to commit what some would say was an extraordinary and incomprehensible act, one that ran contrary to all he had come to value. To some, he became an environmental terrorist, and to others, a misunderstood activist — but what was he, really? Weaving together speculation and reality, Hadwin’s Judgement paints a complex portrait of the devastation and internal turmoil that led Hadwin to his decision.


Sasha Snow


Sasha Snow, John Vaillant


Sasha Snow


David Allen, David Christensen, Yves J. Ma, Elizabeth Yake




Biography, Environment, History, Social Justice & Politics

Original Language


Canadian Distributor

National Film Board (NFB)