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Un sac de billes (A Bag of Marbles)

Director Christian Duguay
Year 2017
Run Time 110min
Genre Drama
A heartwarming adaptation of Joseph Joffo’s novel, Un Sac de Billes follows 10-year-old Joseph (Le Clech), who is forced to leave his home in 1941 when Paris is invaded and occupied by German troops. Separated from his parents and with only his older brother to help him, Joseph must find a way to survive in the devastated French landscape in the Second World War. Joseph’s story is fraught with dangers, as he must disguise both his name and religion in order to have a chance of seeing his family again. Through his eyes, this emotional film shows the progression of the Second World War and its effect on the average citizen.

“Makes such a barbaric and bewildering chapter in human history comprehensible for young audiences.” – Matt Fagerholm,


Christian Duguay

Christian Duguay launched his directorial career with Memoirs in 1984 before going on to direct some of the most notable thrillers of the 90s and early 2000s, including Scanners II: The New Order, Scanners III: The Takeover, Live Wire, The Art of War with Wesley Snipes, and Human Trafficking with Donald Sutherland. Most recently he directed the series Medici and the feature film Ride Above. 


Jonathan Allouche, Alexandra Geismar, Joseph Joffo, Christian Duguay


Batyste Fleurial, Dorian Le Clech, Patrick Bruel, Elsa Zylberstein


Nicolas Duval-Adassovsky, Laurent Zeitoun, Yann Zenou, Joe Iacono




Discrimination, Family Relationships, Global Experiences, History, Literary Adaptation, Social Justice & Politics

Original Language


Language Versions

EN Subtitles, FR CC

Canadian Distributor

Gaumont Film Company